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High Maintenance

The series tests the more-money-more-problems maxim.

ON SEPTEMBER 16, after four years as a web series, High Maintenance—about a nameless NYC pot-delivery guy and his motley crew of customers—debuts in its new incarnation on HBO. The show’s Brooklyn-based married creators Ben Sinclair (who plays

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Reasons To Love New York
Since 2005, this magazine has ended the year with a love letter to its hometown. This year, we pay tribute to those inspiringly singular New Yorkers who wouldn’t—probably couldn’t—live anywhere else. Fitting in is for the rest of America.
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From the Cut: Talk the Talk
THE WORLD ACCORDING to Rick Owens—punk brat of Porterville, California, turned health-goth of Paris—is at once brutal and beautiful. His clothes (like his Mad Max leather jackets and clomping mega-sneakers) and his stores (like the one in Paris that
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Laura Sands And Eleanor Kennedy
ON WEST 126TH STREET, a reverend stops us on the corner and asks if I’m aware that I’m in the presence of legends. Eleanor Kennedy, 78, demurs. “You’re only calling me a legend because I’m old,” she teases him. But moments before, an Australian man w