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How America Got “Woke”

MUCH OF THE INTERNET may have learned the adjective woke—highly attuned to prejudices of all kinds—from BuzzFeed’s 2015 article “Can We Talk About How Woke Matt McGorry Was in 2015?” (For instance, “This year McGorry wrote an essay

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You Have A Great Teaching Voice
IN MY OFFICE, while on the phone with my best friend, she pauses and softly laughs. “Is that C?” she asks, referring to the voice floating through the half-open door. “He sounds like such a teacher.” My husband has, as of this spring, been a high-sch
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The ( FAKE ) Songs of Summer
EUROVISION SONG CONTEST premieres on Netflix June 26. EVERY YEAR SINCE 1956, usually in May, the nations of Europe have gathered to determine which of them has the most exuberantly kitschy, delightfully overproduced infectious pop song. In 2019, 41
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The Quiet Storm
ABOUT HALFWAY through The Old Guard, Gina Prince-Bythewood’s upcoming film about a group of immortal warriors, something happens that I’m pretty sure has never happened before in a big-budget superhero comic-book movie: A man declares his love for an