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Doppler Labs thinks the next frontier for wearable computing is your ears—and with Here One, it wants to lead the way.
Audio guides With their smart earbuds, Doppler Labs cofounders Noah Kraft, left, and Fritz Lanman are bringing augmented reality to ears.

I’m trying to listen as Doppler Labs cofounder and CEO Noah Kraft walks me through his company’s new smart earbuds over the din of a crowded restaurant, but the cacophony of chattering diners and clanking silverware is overwhelming. I can’t make out a word. Then, all of a sudden, the background noise disappears. Kraft’s voice comes in loud and clear.

It feels a little magical—even though we’re not actually at a restaurant. I’ve been getting a demo at Doppler’s San Francisco headquarters, and all of that background noise was a simulation, pumped into my ears—and then muted—via a cobbled-together tangle of earphones, microphones, circuitry, and other components.

In November, Doppler plans to ship a pair of sleek, wireless earbuds embedded with the same technology, allowing anyone, anywhere to neutralize the hubbub of a real restaurant. Paired with a smartphone, the $299 Here One

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