KNOW YOUR OBJECTIVE. It’s critical to determine how the bonus you’re awarding supports what you and your company want to achieve, says Susan David, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School and

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You’d Better Get Write on It
In March 2010, Foursquare was riding high, one of the coolest social startups of the day, with gobs of fresh venture capital and a million people using its mobile app to check in. And then, on March 26, the company’s website went dark. Somebody, it s
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Should Co-Founders Be Married—to Each Other?
A recent column in Psychology Today put the U.S. divorce rate between 42 and 45 percent. No wonder investors can be leery of backing a company with married co-founders. They fear a failed relationship will kill the business. Should they? An investor
Inc.1 min readSociety
Mapping the Gender Wage Gap
Women are decades—or centuries—away from getting equal pay for equal work. In November, the World Economic Forum estimated that the global pay and employment opportunity gender gap will take 217 years to close. In the U.S., “no matter how you measure