The dark origins of dog breeding

EVEN PEOPLE WHO AREN’T DOG OWNERS probably know that purebreds are considered the best—at least in terms of price, aesthetics and dog-show titles.

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The New Terrorism Comes to Ground Zero
IN THE 16 YEARS AFTER THE Twin Towers fell, the desolation of lower Manhattan in time gave way to a blossoming. When Sayfullo Saipov drove his rented Home Depot truck onto a bicycle path at 3:04 p.m. on Oct. 31, killing eight people beneath its wheel
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The Case for Eating Your Halloween Candy All at Once
For people who like to hoard Halloween candy past Thanksgiving, here’s a piece of surprising advice: some dentists actually condone eating the candy all at once, rather than rationing it out over weeks. After you eat sweets, bacteria feed on the sug
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A New Taste Sensation Challenges Pumpkin Spice
THIS FALL SAW THE RETURN OF A PLETHORA OF PUMPKIN-SPICE-FLAVORED products. But there are signs that the national pumpkin-spice infatuation may soon be over. With pumpkin-spice flavors slowing, MarketWatch released a forecast backed by industry-wide s