The girls off the cliff


PAULA HAWKINS RODE TO fame on her 2015 hit The Girl on the Train, a book that deftly deploys the “girl” thriller subgenre that includes Gone Girl, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Before, The Girl from Home, The Girl on the Bridge and The Girls on

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Ellen Pao
The former Reddit CEO may have lost her 2015 discrimination suit against venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins, but she’s moving ahead with her mission
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For the Record
‘IT’S LIKE A KIDNEY STONE. PASS IT, PASS IT, PASS IT.’ RAND PAUL, U.S. Senator from Kentucky, echoing U.S. Representative Thomas Massie in criticizing his fellow Republicans’ insistence on quickly repealing the Affordable Care Act $80,000 Total am
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Paradise Lost: The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Utopian Novels
IN THE PAST 100 YEARS, TECHNOLOGY HAS MADE OUR lives easier, safer, healthier and longer. So why does most of our science fiction spell doom and gloom instead of hope and cheer? Pessimistic fiction has thrived in recent years. Emily St. John Mandel