Plugging Into the Grid and the Source—and Playing Ping-Pong for Keeps

IN THE GRID Marlene Velez, VP of the Source, PDI’s department of human resources, at one of the company’s training sessions in its St. Petersburg home office.

TO PUT IT IN SPORTS TERMS, Power Design Inc. recruits athletes rather than position players. The company, an electrical contractor in St. Petersburg, Florida, that has 180 ongoing projects in 21 states, figures it can teach the technical part. “We hire and retain people for their soft skills. We look for someone who is professional, communicates

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We’ve Seen The Future
The future of work arrived out of nowhere, on the back of a once-in-a-century pandemic. Team dynamics got challenged as members dealt with illness, trauma, and crisis. We’ve all been forced to rapidly and radically adapt to new working norms. The Fer
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The Invisible Woman
When the invisible woman is born and placed into her mother’s warm embrace, she doesn’t know she is invisible. At that moment, her invisibility exists only as a lingering fear in the back of her mother’s mind. Yet her mother has hopes that things wil
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The Maverick
Josh Schuster Silverback Development THREE-YEAR GROWTH 2,334. 7% Manhattan is home to commercial real estate dynasties that have built generations of wealth. Thirty-six-year-old Josh Schuster does not belong to any of those. His grandfather was a wel