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5 Tips for Banishing the Blues

The Blues, photograph by Steve Snider, written by Nadine Barrett

Photograph by Steve Snider

5 Simple and healthy ways to boost your mood and beat the blues


What are the blues? To begin with, ‘the blues’ are not depression.

“Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest,” according to the Mayo clinic and, unlike having the blues, can lead to difficulties with physical health, partaking in daily activities and may lead to suicidal thoughts.

People often say they are feeling blue when they are sad or feeling ill. Sometimes these feelings are triggered by lack of sleep, being lonely, an argument with a loved one, a bad day at work, being run down or having money worries. But sadness can also seem to come out of nowhere and overwhelm you. The days you want to stay under the

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