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Advice to MFA Applicants

Do some Funding might not be your top priority, but it should be part of your planning. Make sure you’ll have enough money to live on, at least somewhat comfortably, while you’re a student. If a program doesn’t offer full funding, look into jobs on campus, work-study opportunities, travel and research stipends, and other monetary resources the program might offer. And, not least, understand the long-term costs of student loans—and interest rates.

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Poets & Writers2 min read
I WISH I COULD SAY I ALWAYS SEE THE GLASS AS HALF FULL,that a brilliant glow of optimism illuminates my every thought, but it’s not quite as straightforward as that. Even before the events of the past year or so, when the earth seemed to slip a few d
Poets & Writers9 min read
A New Path to the Waterfall
AN EARLY poem by Raymond Carver called “Looking for Work” opens with these lines: “I have always wanted brook trout / for breakfast. // Suddenly, I find a new path / to the waterfall.” The poem, collected in A New Path to the Waterfall (Atlantic Mont
Poets & Writers9 min read
You Are Not Alone
IT IS often said that writing is a lonely profession, but the truth is, I’ve never felt especially isolated. I used to think this had to do with my introverted personality, but that overlooks how for the past decade I’ve been in a writing group with