There’s nothing quite like being on vacation halfway around the world and trying to explain American-style racism. As an African American, I am expected by the locals to be an expert on these matters. The backstory of every nation features different players, but the narrative is essentially the same: one group contests the humanity of another group or groups to gain power and privilege.

Part of what makes

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The New Terrorism Comes to Ground Zero
IN THE 16 YEARS AFTER THE Twin Towers fell, the desolation of lower Manhattan in time gave way to a blossoming. When Sayfullo Saipov drove his rented Home Depot truck onto a bicycle path at 3:04 p.m. on Oct. 31, killing eight people beneath its wheel
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The New Politics of Late-Night Talk
BY THE TIME THE CLOCK HITS 11 P.M. each day, it can feel as if you’ve been through a week’s worth of news. This acceleration has divided late-night hosts into two classes. It’s not really political vs. apolitical, but rather agile comedy that crystal
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The Case for Eating Your Halloween Candy All at Once
For people who like to hoard Halloween candy past Thanksgiving, here’s a piece of surprising advice: some dentists actually condone eating the candy all at once, rather than rationing it out over weeks. After you eat sweets, bacteria feed on the sug