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Korg Gadget 2
$39.99 From KORG, Made for iPhone or iPad Needs iOS 9.3 or later Gadget is an all–in–one music production suite. Primarily geared toward electronic fare, it’s happiest when you delve into ear-smashing synths, chunky drum machines, and stomac
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Next–level Photo Fixes And Enhancements
APPLE’S FREE PHOTOS app does a decent job of enabling you to fix common problems with color, tone and composition, but it does have limitations. The problems shown on the opposite page would be impossible to fix using Photo’s current set of tools. To
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What Do Waterproof Ratings Mean?
UP TO THE 6s model, no iPhone claimed to be water–resistant. Apple’s lack of sympathy for an accidental dunking went as far as installing sensors to detect water ingress, so the first thing a Genius advisor would do when you arrived with a non–functi