Eco-friendly all-rounders


▸ The PowSlayer’s 100-percent recycled nylon shell underscores one of the better trends we’re seeing in the industry: recycled technical fabrics performing just as well (and lasting as long) as the virgin stuff. (To achieve this, scrap nylon is chemically broken down, then cleaned and reconstituted.) But these pants have more than just green cred: They have an uber-tough Gore-Tex Pro membrane, which proved weatherproof and durable across subfreezing backcountry tours outside of Jackson, Wyoming, and wet spring slogs in northern Colorado. One tester lauded the

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Get Your Butt in Gear
From stantding, lift your right foot off the ground and jump off your left foot two to three feet to the right. As you land on your right foot with a slightly bent knee, cross your left leg behind your right (rest your toes on the ground or hover the
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Falling Over a Cliff
Gavin wasn’t moving. Lightning flashed again, neon-bright and way too close. The air buzzed, and I could feel the hairs on my arms lifting in the static. Blood dripped from my scalp into my hands. “Gavin?” I asked. When my friend Gavin and I had star
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Go Big
“How do you tell Long Trail hikers from Appalachian Trail hikers?” the man who went by the trail name Trash said, holding three fingers in the air. I looked up at his tall, trim physique. He smirked, highlighting crow’s feet wrinkles on his perfectly