power play

IN THE MID-1980S, AMERICANS WERE RETHINKING HEALTH and nutrition. The era brought us the bran muffin, Diet Coke and Jane Fonda’s workout tapes. It also saw the birth of the modern energy bar.

At the time, Canadian Olympic marathoner, Brian Maxwell was coaching track at UC Berkeley. The most advanced portable nutrition available was the granola bar, and Maxwell had

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Spell Bound
The Bible of Bike Tests aside, it’s rare for us to devote nearly all the pages of an issue to just one destination—there are inspiring stories, trails, people and places all over the world that make up mountain biking’s soul. But if it was going to h
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Is B.c. Getting Soft?
On a typical afternoon, I meet my homies at Fleen’s man cave before going for a rip on our local trails. It’s a form of therapy. I say “our trails,” not because we own them. In fact nobody owns them; they are as illegit as a politician’s campaign pro
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Resisting Reinvention
Eric Wahn looks like he’s competing in a World Cup DH race, only on a trail twice as steep. He weaves between old-growth fir and hemlock with statuesque form, slamming his bike into corners with mere flicks of his weight. Where most people’s brakes w