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In its 13th season, the fantasy drama still delivers new twists (alternate universes are a thing) and keeps things fun and fresh. Case in point: The Winchesters meet Scooby-Doo in an animated crossover. Zoinks! (The CW, Thursdays, 8 p.m.)

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The series’ stars tell EW’s Samantha Highfill about why their thriller still thrills

What are the key ingredients to a good Supernatural season?

JARED PADALECKI Some of my favorite seasons have dealt with a very real threat, the introduction of a new character, and a little humor spattered throughout—or, as is the case with the Scooby episode, something outside the box.

JENSEN ACKLES There’s got to be a good struggle with the brothers, either with each other or with a very good foe. Having a good big bad is always key, but also having a clear mission is vital.

PADALECKI We’ve had a few seasons that went a bit too far left or right, but now the bosses have figured out that there’s a recipe that works. They’ll add new spices and mix it up, but they don’t try and reinvent the wheel. The addition of Alexander [Calvert] this year has just been phenomenal. His character is not someone we’ve ever

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