25th Anniversary Hall of Fame

Source: Tester Jesse Albanese goes creek-hopping in his Z/1s near Las Paylas, Puerto Rico.



the Z/1 served one tester as a true do-it-all shoe: sea kayaking in Baja, backpacking in Arizona, river running in California,

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Monumental Error
Three hundred million years ago, the Earth heaved and what we now know as the Blue Ridge Mountains started climbing toward the sky. Magma oozing up between tectonic plates cooled into an aberrant mound of granite nesting in the subtle roll of the int
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Eye Of The Storm
It’s 4 a.m. in Vesper Basin, deep in Washington’s Cascades, and I’m building a dam out of twigs. The rain started two days ago; not with a roar but rather a slow drumming, wrapping the world in fog until even the near edge of the cirque vanished. Our
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Cliffed Out
IT WASN’T UNTIL WE REACHED the top of 13,442-foot Apache Peak that we realized we were out of options. My partner Liz and I had intended to finish the mile-long ridge scramble and descend via fourth-class terrain on the east side of the cirque. About