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Small farmers are mixing old equipment with new tech

The next generation of farmers use a smorgasbord of tools to get the job done.
Farmer plowing field

Farmers don't discriminate when it comes to the newness of their tools. If it works, it works.

Stan Horaczek

Before Leo Sanchez will talk about his farm, he has to ask: “Do you like the website?” The owner of Lazy Millennial Farms designed it himself. It took a Squarespace subscription and two months of intermittent work to get things up and running.

“I like it,” I say. The leafy greens—lovingly raised and carefully Instagrammed—look great. Online registration and payment for the farm’s CSA, which guarantees customers a share of the seasonal produce, makes the whole thing easy. And instead of simply clicking “confirm,” the newsletter subscription button reads “KALE YEAH.”

Satisfied with my response, Sanchez is ready to get down to business. The 26-year-old farmer launches into an animated description of the density

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