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Meet the designer who wants to make fruit labels out of soap and save the world from swizzle sticks

Inside the mind of Scott Amron.
Stircle Scott Amron invention

Scott Amron's Stircle aims to replace single-use stirrers.

Amron Experimental

The life of a modern inventor is a lot like you’d imagine it.

“Most ideas… I say it out loud, and I go, ‘Woah. That’s really bad,’” says Scott Amron, the mind behind Amron Experimental, a small product development lab in New York. “A lot of times, I have to say it to somebody to hear how bad it is, or how good.”

The product designer, who has been categorized as everything from an electrical engineer to a conceptual artist, caught the world’s attention in 2012 when his appeared in The second generation of the design,

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