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Slowly, stealthily, a kind of national diet exhaustion has set in: Although the number of overweight women is increasing, the percentage of them who are trying to lose weight has decreased, according to a recent study in the Women quit. They’re done. And anyone who has dieted can tell you why: The psychological burden that comes with constantly trying to restrict, to calorie-count, to pursue a thinner you, is utterly draining. And,

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Grab the Good Vibes
Picture this: You’re seated at a conference table when your office’s new exec strides in and begins a presentation. You’ve never seen her before, and you’re captivated. Her vibe? Commanding. Her energy? Infectious. (Your colleagues’ eyes are on her,
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Balancing Act
Follow the ups and downs on Insta @ayakanai. My father loves to tell a story about when I was first put into a pool as an infant: I had zero fear and instantly swam under-water. Picture the baby on the Nirvana Nevermind album cover—that’s how quickly
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Rides of Your Life
Oh, the places you’ll go! Tons of waterside tracks—Mercer Island Loop, I-90 Trail, East Lake Sammamish Trail—will excite your heart rate and eyes. (The Pac NW is gorg.) Downtown, you’ll enjoy cyclist-specific traffic signals and bike shares with helm