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This is particularly true when it comes to my photography. I like to perceive what surrounds me through the filter of my imagination. I am amazed by the limitless inspiration that the world can offer, but what seduces me is the possibility of transforming it. Through photography and digital editing, I aim to

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Digital Camera World2 min de lecture
Shoot A Still-life Picture
There are many ways you can approach a still-life setup, like studying objects found around your house or in the garden, such as the cutlery in your kitchen or the tools in your shed. You may even want to go one step further and build a bespoke sculp
Digital Camera World3 min de lecture
1 How To Tether A Camera For Remote Shooting
Tethering your camera used to be something you’d only witness in a professional photo studio, but thanks to the democratising effect of affordable digital cameras, it’s now well and truly available to the masses. So what is tethering, and why would y
Digital Camera World3 min de lecture
3 Master Camera Metering Modes
In your camera’s semiautomatic modes like Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority, you are able to input some of the exposure data such as aperture, ISO and shutter speed. The camera will then use its built-in metering algorithms to work out the rest