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Work by over 30 artists and artist collectives explores the historical relationship between art and the labour movement. Contemporary and archival artworks and ‘visual protests’, including banners, posters and collaborative actions, spotlight the visual strategies of trade unionism as well as cultural activism.

24 July – 28 October, Ian

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Artist Profile8 min de lecture
Punk Friction Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro
What lead to building your new studio? Claire: Having the luxury of being able to ponder, rather than have a concept in mind or making the work for a particular site. To have an object within a space to crash your big toe into or fall over; just go t
Artist Profile4 min de lecture
Joseph Beuys Cafe
Is it too early to call Joseph Beuys Cafe the sleeper success of the 2020 Melbourne arts calendar? An appointment-only gallery established by collector Ian George, this is the only space in Australia dedicated to the seminal figure of late-modern Con
Artist Profile4 min de lecture
Peter Kingston Take It Or Leave It
The eye, the aesthetic lens of artists, has made an indelible impression upon our everyday. A motorway overpass is very Jeffrey Smart, a hillside of saplings is rather Fred Williams, a backlit side-table covered in flowers is just so ‘Olley.’ So too,