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Discovering the roots of history

When Michael Heath stumbled across a photograph in FLM taken on Kangaroo Island, it sparked his interest. He hadn’t seen this particular stretch of mallee trees before and wanted to find out more. ‘If you come across a tree that shouldn’t really be there, you have to ask the question, how did it get there?’, he says. ‘It suggests that there is a story

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Fleurieu Living Magazine3 min de lectureArchitecture
The Weed Sisters
The Weed Sisters are all about weeding – pulling out those unwanted interlopers that grow with great vigour and abundance in your garden – and sharing in the convivial companionship that has grown among the sisters. The four Weed Sisters are Jill Lie
Fleurieu Living Magazine4 min de lecture
In Our Own Backyard
Of course we now know that 2020 would quickly veer off the usual course, and with it, the school’s planned celebrations. While this extraordinary year has challenged us in unexpected ways, it’s also changed the way we look at our own backyards. In bo
Fleurieu Living Magazine2 min de lecture
What To Buy: Where To Buy It
Classic white ceramics featuring a soft grey speckle, leaf print and matte glaze. This range has an effortlessly timeless look. All pieces are suitable for microwave, dishwasher and oven use. Available from I Am Tall Poppy, Willunga. Plate RRP $49.99