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Petra de Mooy

Working on FLM comes with many rewards and Petra still pinches herself every time she archives another great story. When not wrangling content, you can find her hanging out with Jason and their daughter, gardening, or perusing the farmers’ market.

Jason Porter

Jason has worked as a graphic designer

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Fleurieu Living Magazine2 min de lecture
Farmers Market: Adapting To Change
For six days, Jenni Mitton, General Manager of WFM, and her management team wondered how many people would make the same decision I did. Would people still come? ‘It was a bit of a scary time,’ Jenni recalls. But she believed in the importance of con
Fleurieu Living Magazine4 min de lecture
The View From The Top
But today, scaling high peaks is in Steve’s past and he’s embracing a new life on the more demure terrain of the Fleurieu and sharing his extraordinary experiences by writing his memoirs. As an adventurer and expedition guide, Steve has achieved the
Fleurieu Living Magazine4 min de lecture
An Alternate Reality
Smartie pants! (Note to self: get better at framing interview questions.) Technically, what he’s saying is true: there’s still plenty of work to do in our ‘essential’ industry. The vines don’t stop growing, the wines still need to be cared for, our c