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It’s a special feeling atop a horse, ask anyone who’s been there. There’s a tangible bond between rider and steed that stands alone. For some it conjures a feeling that can’t be lived without, as natural as breathing. Kate Noller first inhaled the intoxicating lure of the saddle before she started school, thanks to her mum. “Mum was always a horse person, so I guess she got me into it initially,” she says. “She always had us around horses, but I really started to ride

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On any given day, Simone Williams may be jetting into New York or touching down in Tokyo as part of her day job as a Qantas cabin service manager, but there’s always one place she’d much prefer to be — her sprawling Gold Coast hinterland property, Hi
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We’re celebrating the diversity of Australian country living from the city fringes to the outback. We start in central Queensland where Ingrid and Paul Hatton run Santa Gertrudis on Dareen station. Heading south, we take in another historic property
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Store Strolling
Waxiwraps are reusable, washable fabric food wraps that replace single-use plastic wrap. These wraps are locally made from Western Australian beeswax, Queensland organic jojoba oil, coconut oil and natural green gum. Your skin is yo