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Selecting a site on which to build your home is more than just about the old real estate adage of location, location, location. A home is more than a piece of merchandise. Unless you’re an investor in the market and plan to build, sell and move on, finding the ideal place to build and live is an important decision for so many reasons. Creating a place to call home

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Home Design2 min de lecture
Get ready to unleash your own creativity with a modular pendant lamp that lets you choose the configuration. It is composed of one to five geometric elements with three magnetised sides, so you can choose the shape and position of the lights to provi
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Monochrome Mastery
“I believe that the freer a person is internally — the more self-sufficient and confident he is — the fewer external attributes he needs,” explains Victoria Yakusha, lead designer and founder of Yakusha Design. “The more restrained a person’s clothes
Home Design2 min de lecture
NOD TO The Pod
Walkerville Pod House in Waratah Bay, southwest Gippsland, is a sustainable overachiever. With access to a pair of pre-fabricated office pods, the owners hoped to capitalise on the renewable potential of the structures and approached NRN Architects w