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Bedrooms are our sanctuary and place of rest. They are also interiors that require exceptional functional storage and practicality to cope with the demands of everyday life. So how do we create wow factor in a bedroom, and establish one that is stylish, easy to maintain, practical and beautiful to live in and live with?

I have taught interior design and interior decoration for 17 years and have seen many students tackle the problem of space planning and material and product specification when creating the ultimate bedroom. With our global access to products and the speed of online searching, sourcing items has never been easier.

Five of Australia’s top interior and textile designers have shared their secrets on the tools that are needed to craft a professional bedroom. There are rules to interior design that, if followed, enable you to create a personal and meaningful interior that simply works. Following a design process in your bedroom will help create a professional look for your interior. According to our experts, the key to successful bedroom design is to create a concept, plan before you purchase and embrace the elements and principles of interior design.


The elements of design are the building blocks used to create beautiful interiors. These elements are what make up an interior and they need to be sourced and crafted with care and precision: line, shape, size, space, colour, texture and light.

How you manipulate elements is what designers refer to as the principles of interior design and is akin to the method of cooking in a recipe. It is what we do to the elements — great design will successfully mix them with balance, contrast, emphasis, proportion, pattern and proximity.

How we apply the principles of design determines how successful we are in creating a stunning space. Australian designers Greg Natale, James Dawson, Kate St James, Danielle Scandrett and Tai Schaffler have each chosen their favourite bedroom project and products to share the howto of beautiful bedroom design.

“It is really about having a bedroom that is very finished. For me, it is making sure the interior has all the layers: bedside tables, lamps, great lines, great cushions and, of course, it has to have statement furniture! A lot of the time, I walk into a bedroom and there is a bed with sheets and side tables and that’s it” – Greg Natale


Where do you start with bedroom design? As with all good interior design, you need a concept and that concept can be derived from anything that has personal meaning to the designer or client.

Award-winning Australian designer Greg

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