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previous page/ Sam Holt engages with the imaginative and the enigmatic. His painting style and approach is visceral and spontaneous, distinguished by lyrical riffs of colour and linear flights of fancy. Sam works intuitively and speaks of “acting on thoughts or dreams and ideas in the now … of being present and open to possibilities — both present and in the future”. This translates as a painting style that is volatile, dynamic, spontaneous and speculative. He works alla prima (at first attempt), directly onto canvas with paint applied in a single sweeping line without prior sketching. His paintings are built on with multiple campaigns, as the artist revisits his works in response to ideas and impulses to apply richly coloured impasto oil paint in his characteristic calligraphic gestures onto expanses of raw, coarse-weave linen. Courtesy of Artereal Gallery. artereal.com.au


Ian Cleland is an Australian designer and artist. Born in Sydney’s Inner West and raised

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Home Design2 min de lecture
Tetris Transformation
This project was a daring re-work of an uninspiring ‘60s residence which, with help from Coy Yiontis Architects, transformed into an intriguing collection of spaces. When this family of five purchased an elevated, semi-sunken home built around 60 yea
Home Design11 min de lectureArchitecture
Keeping Your Cool
An unimpressed motoring journalist once compared the cooling abilities of the air-conditioning unit in the Alfa Romeo 156 as similar to that of an “asthmatic budgie gently blowing upon you”. If you’ve ever huddled in a west-facing home or apartment o
Home Design1 min de lecture
Home Design
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