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Miranda Sofroniou

T: +61 490 824 702

E: mgsofroniou@gmail.com

W: mirandasofroniou.com

I’m an illustrator and designer originally from London and now based in Melbourne. Stories and books

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WellBeing3 min de lectureBiology
Why You Need Vitamin A
Your skin is a window into your general inner health and is often one of the first places to indicate a possible vitamin deficiency, which may present in the form of dry, cracked, inflamed or irritated skin. Vitamins are essential for maintaining the
WellBeing8 min de lecturePsychology
Connecting With Compassion
“The energy of compassion is very strong.” ~ Thích Nhât Hanh The human existence is filled with a mix of light and dark, joy and pain, yang and yin. Challenges in life are inevitable, but the degree to which you suffer as a result of these trials and
WellBeing7 min de lecture
Tracey Holmes The Ocean Is Home
Tracey Holmes’ story begins with the ocean. It’s a connection that has been a steady undercurrent flowing throughout her years, a place of refuge when she needs somewhere calm and quiet. For Holmes, her childhood laid the foundations for what was to