“Clean, contemporary and Asian influences permeate this functional and beautiful family garden”

Blooming with contrasting features and ideas, this Kensington garden in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs exudes a sense of harmony thanks to the sharp eye and green thumb of horticulturist Lyndall Keating from Garden Society,

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Seaweed Breakdown
Liquid seaweed can be applied to either the soil or the foliage of the plant in the soil or pot. A general application is 30mL of concentrate per 9 litres of water (standard watering can or bucket) applied to the soil, or a foliage application of 20m
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Quite easy to maintain, terrariums are calming to look at and you can spend time “gardening” in your terrarium whatever the weather and at any time of the day or night. Old fish tanks, vintage vases and recycled coffee jars can all create fantastic t
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Pots And Pieces
While the foliage may be the star of the show, your indoor plants’ accessories and containers are a crucial piece of the puzzle. There are just so many options of all shapes and sizes, from elegant cylinders to novelty planters and stylish options ha