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Think of a Pot Noodle and you are likely to conjure one of the pots full of dried ingredients you can find in any supermarket. Yet this simple idea of a complete, filling, easily portable lunch where you ‘just add water’ and munch, can be used to

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Kitchen Garden
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Grow Your Own Loofah
The loofah is not just a body scrub you use in the shower - it has many other uses too, such as making great pan scourers. There are many other uses too, see page 86 for more ideas. The loofah is made from the dried inner fibrous part of the luffa fr
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Take A Fresh Look At Mint
Most of us when we think of mint think of its traditional pairing with new potatoes and as a sauce with lamb, both delicious. Many other interesting and unusual mint varieties are available, so why not add some to your garden this spring for a wider