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Colourful ratios

Understanding the interaction between colour ratios and white balance is very important to studio photographers working with complex lighting rigs, colour gels and the like. Although mainly aimed at studio-equipped pros, the discussion about colour ratios

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Photo Review1 min de lectureComputers
EVF Damage
Pointing your camera directly at the sun can burn out pixels in its sensor, inflicting permanent damage. If you’re using a mirrorless camera, the screen in the EVF will also be damaged, again because pixels are destroyed. Damage to the EVF screen wo
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Focusing And Exposure In Low Light Levels
When you’re shooting in low light levels, you will often find the exposure process is not intuitive. Autofocusing can also be difficult and sometimes the lens fails to lock onto the subject and you end up with a blurred image – unless you have taken
Photo Review1 min de lectureComputers
Free Software
A web search will reveal plenty of applications for ‘fixing’ dead, stuck and hot pixels. We’ve listed a couple of the more credible free applications below. PixelHealer ( pixelhealer ) is a user-friendly, general-purpose application