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Create your first photobook

Many photographers have discovered that printed books are a great way to store and share a collection of images and also preserve valuable photos for future generations. Fortunately there are plenty of companies eager to help you with your project and most make the process simple, even if you've never created a book before. Nonetheless, it's worth taking time to examine the steps involved to make the process straightforward. Assembling a photobook involves six stages:

1. Checking the market to find a suitable service provider.

2. Assembling the images and text you want to use.

3. Deciding on the size and orientation of the publication.

4. Laying out the pages.

5. Designing a cover page and contents and introduction pages if they will be included.

6. Printing and binding the pages together. Some of these steps overlap so they should be looked at together. This article will take you through the process from start to finish and provide some suggestions to help you choose a service provider.

Checking the market

The first step in producing a photobook involves finding a company that can produce the kind of book you want at a price that meets your budget. Different providers have different offerings and there can be wide variations in the sizes available, paper types, and ways to print, bind and cover your book, as well as the price

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