A leading legacy

Lyndey Milan has a million food and travel experiences she would love to relive: eating white truffle risotto in Alba during truffle season in Italy, mud crabbing outside Broome, and devouring a delicious souvlaki at a quaint little restaurant in Greece. But there’s one thing she’s quite happy to close the chapter on – café ownership.

“I have no desire to be tied down again. Absolutely not,” Lyndey laughs. “From a business owner and manager’s perspective, cafés are very full on. The long hours, customer complaints, staffing issues – no thanks. It’s a great experience to have had, but that’s where it ends.”

From 1989 to November 1990, Lyndey and two other business partners owned Café Cuisine Affaire in Northbridge, New South Wales. When they took over the business, the first thing they did was change the coffee supplier.

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