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Its the Interpretation that makes it work

Many people I speak to tell me they really enjoy painting but don’t get the time to do it. My answer is, I paint (almost every day) and sometimes don’t get

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Artist's Back to Basics3 min de lecture
Spotlighting Patrick’s Exhibition Crash Paintings Contributed
Born in Melbourne in 1985 and raised in Sydney, Patrick attended The College of Fine Arts, experimenting with several mediums including film, video, sculpture and sound, before settling on painting. With two solo shows, both in 2008, Patrick discusse
Artist's Back to Basics1 min de lecture
• Brushes – Select the right size and type of brush for what it is you are painting. Filberts are good for general brushwork and for softening edges. I often use them in portraiture and still life painting. Flat brushes are useful in achieving a bold
Artist's Back to Basics5 min de lecture
The Ben Roberts Cafe and Gallery
The Ben Roberts Cafe and Gallery is a new art venue in the Blue Mountains. Owner Carolynne Skinner has a long history of arts publishing and running galleries. She tells here how her new gallery came about … Many people, including those living here,