Balance your brain

Trail runners we are indeed a rare species and we are a bit insane in the membrain! We are also proud to be so.

A species is a set of (animals or plants) in which the members have similar characteristics to each other.

To be rare is to be unusual to the extreme;

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TRAIL4 min de lecture
Road vs Trail Shoes
Shoe specialist GRANT BRYANT answers one of the newbie trail runner’s most asked questions: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A ROAD AND A TRAIL SHOE? You have started running trail, but have road shoes. Do you need new shoes? What are the differences be
TRAIL5 min de lecture
Comeback Kid
I started running at the tender age of five following in my remarkable mom’s footsteps. Growing up in Patensie all I remember is running for hours, covering every available dirt road, singletrack, and farm. My parents, Deon and Beatrice, were extreme
TRAIL7 min de lecture
Grondpad, Bergpad, Langpad
Maruanda Wynne has more to run for than endorphins. She tells her own overcoming while sharing stories of the (far too many) women who have lived through abuse, in South Africa and beyond. I am a writer that happens to run. Then again, I am a runner