You have all the T-shirts, your preferred brand of shoes (that you replace on a regular basis), technical socks, and you spend between fi ve and ten hours a week running. But what do you wear the rest of your waking hours, for the most time spent on your feet?

Podiatrist NELFRIE KEMP explains which shoes are enemies to your feet, and what to wear instead.

Chances are, you don’t put that much time, thought and effort into choosing your everyday shoes. You probably don’t spend nearly

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Pine Busters
I'm part of a crew that goes into the Drakensberg and cuts down pine trees. They are an alien invasive and a huge threat to the Berg's water-generating abilities for the rest of South Africa. Although it is very difficult for a lone seed to find its
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Atlas Time
Iglanced up in the general direction of the highest peak in North Africa: Jebel Toubkal. According to the weather forecast, there was a very small window within which my hubby Nico and guide Hassan could make it to the summit before the next snowstor
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Back in Action
Normally we can get over back pain with some stretching, a good night’s sleep, and possibly some pain medication. What about that back pain that continues to occur, or that is affecting your trail running? It is one thing to sort it out in the short