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“Look! Look! That’s my Daddy’s painting!”

As a boy, Aaron Gan dreamt of being a professional artist. While other children wanted to grow up to become doctors, lawyers, firefighters or the president, deep inside he knew that his calling was to be an artist.

“Ever since I could hold a pencil, I was always drawing. My mum is still telling stories of how my kindergarten teachers always asked her if she has been doing my drawing assignments for me,” says Aaron.

High school came and

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Australian How To Paint1 min de lecture
Artist’s Hints And Tips
• I like to be in a “painting mood” before I start a new work. It’s really important for me to feel that I’m enthused not only regarding the subject matter, but also that my creative juices are flowing, and I’m up for the excitement and challenge of
Australian How To Paint2 min de lecture
Artist’s Hints And Tips
• I am sure you all have heard this before, a reminder never goes astray. It is very important to get your drawing as accurate as you can, because putting colour on an imperfect drawing will not make it better. • Practice, practice, practice and your
Australian How To Paint1 min de lecture
Master Hints And Tips
• Because of the fine detail, I only work on my paintings for around three to four hours a day. I often get to a stage in the middle of a piece where I don’t like it; or I get extremely bored. That’s the time to set it aside and focus on something el