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As a child, I was always drawing, colouring, knitting, sculpting with clay, basically anything arty and creative that I could find would keep me quietly amused for hours. This passion followed me into high school where I took every art subject available at the time. Unfortunately not many realistic opportunities existed for artists to earn a practical living and so my creative side was put on the back-burner for some time once I left school and entered the ‘real world’. After meeting my husband our lives were filled by work, running a small business, building three homes, raising two kids, etc,etc, you know, that old chestnut!

I have been

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Australian How To Paint3 min de lecture
This painting is of my old kelpie, ‘Stalker’. He has been gone for about ten years. The pose is typical of how he used to sit all the time. The picture is a great way to remember a great dog. From reference photographs, I do a simple pencil sketch.
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Master Hints And Tips
• Because of the fine detail, I only work on my paintings for around three to four hours a day. I often get to a stage in the middle of a piece where I don’t like it; or I get extremely bored. That’s the time to set it aside and focus on something el
Australian How To Paint5 min de lecture
Rediscovering Coloured Pencils
I’m confident most of us are familiar with coloured pencils having used them at some time in our lives, either at home with “colouring in books” or at school. Some people love “sketching” with the humble HB pencil. Well I’m here to take you on a jour