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The desire to create pictures has been with Lynda Robinson for as long as she can remember. As a child, she would while away many hours, sketching with a biro or pencil, or splashing around with a lovely watercolour paintbox that she received for Christmas. Having always been fascinated by blank paper, a trip to the newsagent with her mum was a highlight of the weekly expedition into town. “Whilst other children may have wanted to go into a lolly shop or toy shop, I just wanted to head for the newsagent where I could look at blank sketchbooks

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Creative Artist5 min de lecture
Having Fun With Composition
As a wildlife artist, one of the best ways to get my artistic message across is through the use of composition (the way you arrange the visual aspect of your art). You can be as complex or as simple as you like, and you can use your imagination as mu
Creative Artist5 min de lecture
The Kimberley Eucalypts
• 51 x 61cm good quality canvas board. Quality canvas is essential. As you do not want a board that is not well primed and sucks the life out of the paint – nor one that is too slippery. • Art Basics 101 Flat Bristle in all sizes – Eterna 579 (a chea
Creative Artist3 min de lecture
Cooloola Beach Breeze
My selected reference photo is one I took while camping at the Cooloola Beach National Park just north of Noosa in Queensland. I start by applying two coats of gesso with a ¼ inch flat brush. I mark in the horizon line with masking tape. I mix Ultram