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My Italian Studio

On June 25th 2000 we arrived, jet lagged and with a couple of suitcases, to start our life in Italy. Our family of four, Marius and our two boys, Julius 10 and Fabian six, were welcomed immediately. We had bought a house in the centre of Citerna, a tiny medieval village with spectacular views of the Upper Tiber Valley in the region of Umbria. The village folk embraced us, their adopted Australians.

We had just enough money from renting our house in Sydney to live economically and for the extras we needed, we were able to find freelance work. We studied

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Creative Artist5 min de lecture
Some Form Of Addiction . . .
I first began painting in the early 1970s – a great time for emerging artists. I had just returned to Australia after spending 10 years of my youth in England with my mother and stepfather. I had a baby and young child, and was looking for some form
Creative Artist4 min de lecture
Not If I See You First
As the crow flies, Gary’s studio is little more than a stone’s throw from my own, for Gary considers the whole of Yellagonga Regional Park as his studio, and with my own studio also very close to the same park, we share much in common as we both use
Creative Artist6 min de lecture
A Busy Life
From a space in her home overlooking a significant wetland system filled with waterbirds, at the headwaters of the Coldstream River, NSW, artist Kathleen photographs, paints, illustrates and writes. She has built up a catalogue of completed works and