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Mapping TRENDS

Just as with attempting to forecast this year’s hottest thing in fashion, trying to decide what will stick and what will slip through the cracks in landscape design can be a big call. Landscaping does, however, tend to, if you’ll excuse the pun, follow pathways, lending itself to “trend mapping” rather than relying on Nostradamus-esque predictions. Here are some of my predictions for what we’ll be seeing more of this year.


For garden and landscape designers, it’s been growing for years, but interior and home designers now finally get it — we want our indoor spaces to not just connect,

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What’s Hot
Once dismissed as vigilantes or “guerrilla gardeners”, those creating luscious footpaths in our communities are no longer renegades sowing seeds of dissent against the council. In fact, they’re all above board and part of a blossoming community movem
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Bring The Heat
Firepits are a popular solution to extend the life of an outdoor entertaining area well into winter. With a thoughtful design and some planning, you can create a welcoming and cosy area to gather with family and friends. The first thing to think abou
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Contemporary Shade For A Traditional Setting
Creating a usable outdoor dining space where our love of the outdoors and food can be brought together with friends and family is high up on the list of improvements for many homeowners. The owners of this lovely period home in the Adelaide suburb of