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Barbecue bonanza

“Barbecues have evolved in recent years to become an extension of home entertaining in the same way that the old pergola is now an alfresco area that brings indoor comfort to the great outdoors,” says John McGran of Lifestyle BBQs. “A barbecue brings the family together and turns the chore of producing a meal into a joyous occasion. Every important family occasion in my home involves a great meal prepared on the barbecue.”

So what are John’s tips for getting the best barbecue? One that will perform well and last the distance? “Buy Australian-made. That’s my number-one tip,” he says. “Ask the person you’re buying it from for the recipe of what they last cooked on the barbecue. Basically find out if they know the product they are selling.

“Buying a barbecue that won’t get hot enough or one that has a complicated fat drainage system are the two big mistakes that people make,” he adds, “and always go for stainless-steel plates and grills for a better and healthier result. A good warranty is important,

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