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They say fences make good neighbours, but they do more than define the boundaries of your property. They ensure privacy, provide structure, keep pets from wandering off, prevent littlies from accessing pool areas … they can even help to dampen street noise and block out lessthan- appealing views. If done right, they can do all of that in an attractive way that will make them a design feature.

Screening can fulfil just as many functions. In its myriad forms it can be used to divide and define spaces within a garden, clad walls to give them a new lease on life, function as a purely decorative element and, like fencing, create privacy and mask unsightly vistas.

Fence me in!

With fencing, there’s much to consider. What material will you use and what construction method? Are there any security, climate or topography issues that need to be addressed? Do you live in a bushfire risk area? Are heritage rules in play in your street? Then there are council regulations (which pertain to front and boundary fencing) that need to be followed and if it’s a shared boundary, you’ll need to consider your neighbour’s preferences and come to an arrangement about

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