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With outdoor space at a premium, you need to make the most of what you’ve got. Even though most spas don’t take up an enormous amount of space, you need to be savvy about their design and placement, ensure they’re big enough for your needs and that they offer you maximum versatility.


If you’re planning a swimming pool, an integrated spa is a very effective way to rationalise the use of space and, if you like, turn the spa into a design feature. One way to do

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Be Fruitful
Small-space gardening can be a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity to get creative. Backyards are getting smaller and for an increasing number of people, the only outdoor space they have to grow plants in is a courtyard, terrace or deck — sometim
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Room to GROW
With a national park in the backyard and a river on your doorstep, this was the perfect place to build a new home. While they say it’s all about location, this picturesque building did have some challenges early on. The family home was built on a fla
Outdoor Rooms3 min de lecture
Famous modern landscape architect Garrett Eckbo wrote a seminal book called Landscape for Living, which speaks about “single family residential gardens being as equally important as the adjacent home — and should enjoy freedom of design and accommoda