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We all love being outside in summer but that doesn’t mean we want to bake. “The warmth and the sun make us feel alive, however the sun’s rays are dangerous for our skin and it can be uncomfortable being in the sun for extended periods,” says Jennifer Snyders of House of Bamboo. “If you create a shaded area, you can extend the amount of time you can spend enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.”

Sleek in design and flexible in function, contemporary shade solutions are a far cry from the days when sun protection meant a garish market umbrella plonked in a heavy, cumbersome base.

But is it just sun protection you need to consider when choosing a shade solution? “You should have a good think about what you need; is it just shade or does it need to be rainproof as well? Do you need the light and sun in winter, or are you happy to have the area covered year-round?” says Vanessa Walsh of Outdoor Awnings. “The more practical the shade solution, the more you’ll use it, and the more stylish it is, the more you’ll enjoy using it!”


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