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Top 5 Benefits of Meditation for Improving Your Sleep

Top 5 Benefits of Meditation for Improving Your Sleep, by Layla Parker. Photograph of woman sleeping by Gregory Pappas

Photograph by Gregory Pappas

Quality sleep is essential to our health and wellbeing, and mediation is an effective way to improve your sleep — here’s why

For those who have been suffering from sleepless nights, tossing back and forth with worry or insomnia, you may have heard of meditation is an effective and natural solution. However, what exactly does meditating do that improves our slumber?

Honestly, I never had the patience to try meditating for my sleep. However, once I researched its benefits and put on music that encouraged peaceful rest after meditation, I was astounded. It left me sleeping straight, with a calmer mindset and a fresher morning.

It isn’t magic!

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