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In the days following the West-Trump tête-à-tête, a radio host and the best-selling author of made headlines for canceling a panel conversation with Kanye West about mental health. CTG, as he is known, Instagrammed that the –sponsored event would be “a total distraction from the point of the convo

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THE 2020 Denim GUIDE
JEANS have always been the go-to, but lately they’ve been threatened by innovative, super-stretchy, ultra-comfortable, sporty new pants. Now designers are applying some of those innovations to denim, crafting jeans that move and fit better than ever.
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Hair Today, Still There Tomorrow
WHEN IT COMES to hair loss, there are two kinds of guys: the tiny fraction who’ve maintained fullness, and the rest of us who, well, haven’t. Nearly two thirds of men exhibit signs of hair loss by the time they’re 35, and while there’s no shame in ha
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Ask Men’s Health
Q. Coffee always makes me work out harder, but I know it dehydrates me, too. So what do I do? —ALAN, Kansas City, MO A. It’s less about dehydration and more about timing. Studies show that you’d have to slam down about four cups of coffee quickly to