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Diets gone awry

• You avoid certain foods because of sensory issues, or fear an incident will repeat itself (such as choking), leading to significant weight loss and

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Men's Health3 min de lecture
When Dad Can’t Drink
I’M EMBARRASSING. Not all the time and not in a walking-around-town-with-my-underwear-over-my-pants kind of way. Generally speaking, in fact, I’m a relatively normal guy. But to my kids, I’m embarrassing. And as luck would have it, embarrassing them
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Blend with Benefit
A BLENDED ORGASM sounds like a fruity drink you’d get at a poolside bar in Cancún. But it’s actually the wild frontier of sex—beyond the wall, and then some. That’s because the clitoris, that bud at the top of her vulva, is just the tip of her erogen
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A hero’s Journey
BUT WHAT IF HIS EPIC TRIP LEADS NOWHERE? THE FIRST TIME I see Aubrey Marcus, at the winter holiday party for his fitness empire, Onnit, I don’t recognize him. I should. There are thousands of videos and photos of him modeling a program called Total H