Body in balance

Whether the gym is a zoo or you’re training at home, it’s always good to have a total-body workout like this in your pocket: It can be done in a small square of space, and all you need is a single, solitary dumbbell.

“Doing a workout with one dumbbell allows you to do unilateral movements — those that

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Five Fab Foods For … A Coffee-free Caffeine Boost
HOT COCOA AND CHOCOLATE naturally contain caffeine from cocoa beans. Dark chocolate tops the list at about 12 milligrams per ounce. GREEN AND BLACK TEAS come from caffeine-containing Camellia sinensis leaves. One brewed cup contains 45 to 50 milligra
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Pretty, Healthy Food
People perceive carefully styled “Instagrammable” meals as healthier and tastier than those that are messy and all over the place, according to research published in the Journal of Marketing. “When food is plated in a way that features classical aest
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Regularly Happy
Generally speaking, “the change” (e.g., menopause) is not a happy time for women. Your hormones are on a roller coaster, your periods are irregular, and you have hot flashes, insomnia and moodiness. Fortunately, a new study of nearly 6,000 women publ