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Surviving R Kelly is a watershed moment for women of colour | Chelsea Fuller

This remarkable docuseries has reached people who may never have thought about the lives of girls in Chicago and Atlanta
‘The responses from women of colour range from being happy that people are finally seeing the severity of R Kelly’s alleged crimes, to feeling that the series failed by not focusing on the survivors’ healing.’ Photograph: Scott Legato/Getty Images

It’s been several days since the Surviving R Kelly docuseries began on 3 January, reaching a channel record of 1.9 million viewers – and the hashtag is still trending. Conversations and debates about Lifetime’s intense six-part series are still evolving, as people digest the stories shared by Kelly’s survivors. And on Tuesday, news broke that investigators are looking into allegations in both Chicago and Atlanta as a result of the series.

One could assume that the reason for the series’ success is a combination of good promotion, curiosity, outrage and excitement. But for many women, particularly

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