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Lara Scolari

When you step inside Lara Scolari’s luminous Balmain studio, you won’t find her sitting demurely behind an easel, a dainty paintbrush in hand. No. Not in this studio. In this studio the hands, the arms, the whole body are the brushes. “The brush becomes an extension of my body and I hope to visually translate the energy and

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New Generation Cork
It’s time to talk CORK. We’re not talking “kitchen of the ’70s” look, we’re talking a fresh, sleek offering from Cork Imports Australia while still embracing all the benefits of traditional cork floor and wall tiles. • Sustainable• Acoustically sound
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Project Team
ARCHITECT Robeson Architects, BUILDER Formview Building, Structural engineer Andreotta Cardenosa Consulting Architects Energy consultant Natalie Stark Stylist Anna Flanders Dining chairs, coffee tabl
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Two Become One
HOUSE RaeRae House LOCATION North Fitzroy, Victoria DATE COMMENCED January 2019 DATE COMPLETED January 2020 the family of five that calls RaeRae House home initially set out to renovate their existing two-bedroom terrace. Just as the renovation’s